ralf hütter: last man standing tour 2012


NYT Arts Beat blog:

Kraftwerk* will give a series of eight performances, each devoted to one of its albums, as part of a Museum of Modern Art retrospective of the electronic music pioneers in April, museum officials said. The performances during “Kraftwerk-Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8,” on consecutive evenings starting April 10, will not only feature tracks from one of Kraftwerk’s albums,** but also other original compositions intended to showcase the group’s influence on contemporary culture. Projected images, including 3-D ones, will accompany the music. The albums will be performed in chronological order, one each night, starting with “Autobahn” from 1974 and working up through “Tour de France” from 2003.***

*Ralf Hütter plus three impostors
**Will The Mix be one of the "eight lps between '74 and '03"- guess so - but why - it just rehashes the old material
***The last album is called Tour de France Soundtracks, not Tour de France; Tour de France was an EP from 1983 #kraftnerd

Update: Wizardishungry put up a very funny Downfall parody about MOMA's two-ticket limit [YouTube]. Didn't realize that you can only have two tickets for the entire 8 night series. Meaning, you could win the speed-dial lottery and still end up with only one choice: going on the night Hütter & Co. perform The Mix. (On second thought, that might be the one to attend because even though it's a weak album, it is a greatest hits package.)