Tweets re: Troll Economy

Continuing to flesh out this theory based on the postulates that (i) social media has converted all art into performance and (ii) all performance online is ultimately about money. The troll economy is the dark side of the Facebook Liking Economy (it's certainly no more silly).

1. "what can i do to get you to stop trolling me?" "well, if you put it that way, nothing" #who_is_the_troll_in_this_situation

2. perceived personal criticism or proclaimed personal criticism (to avoid the actual topic)

3. somehow trolls devolved from a hideous form of human ringworm to "someone who said something I don't like"

4. high & low trolling: demarcating among 1. libels 2. smears 3. opinions about a person 4.opinions about a person's output 5. mere lulz 6. art
maxlabor added: "7. psy-ops"