headshot roulette

Speaking of publicity photos, occasional readers may have noticed we don't use them much here. This has its pitfalls - if you don't spin yourself, Google spins you as its algorithms desire.
Maxlabor took the above screenshot from Google and posted it on dump.fm. Happy to be in that august company, but the photo Aron Namenwirth took of me during my show in his gallery 6 years ago and posted on his blog was a goof (right?) - it's not my authorship, wasn't meant for publicity, and as a headshot it's a bit hippy dippy for my taste. So I photoshopped this one:


That's from a photo Heather Corcoran posted to her Flickr, which I saved, shrank and rendered as a grayscale image. There is no ideal headshot - I don't like headshots. If I did you'd see them on the blog all the time!

Responding to my twitter rant on art as publicity, Jeffrey Henderson commented on dump.fm:

doesn't shameless self promo fit facebook's business model? self promotion is being encouraged by websites like klout. also i think self promo is totally a millennial/net native specialty

He said it, not me. Prolific bloggers can't claim to be shy but as a pre-millennial, photo-wise I still naively believe in flying under the radar of the security state by not voluntarily surrendering up a bunch of material for facial recognition, ha ha (moan).