"Funky Flute Jam"

"Funky Flute Jam" [mp3 removed]

Yes, this is called "Funky Flute Jam." Another timestretched Octatrack melange made of various leftovers: scratches, analogue synth stabs, and a "syn-flute" I programmed myself (and used in an earlier track). Here the woodwind sounds kind of '70s soul. 2 minutes.

c'mere, you


Hand of famous woman convicted of murder by the shrieking harpies of the press, then acquitted when actually tried.
Essentially a local story that wouldn't have been a national cause had the woman not been -- what's the word -- hot.

"Beeps Per Min"

"Beeps Per Min" [mp3 removed -- a revised version of this track is on Bandcamp]

The beats (forward-moving) were assembled in the Octatrack and the piano and organ parts (relatively static) in Cubase.
The bridge (at 1:11) was a pleasant surprise (playing notes written for piano in a Reaktor synth called Nanowave).