Lee Dorman RIP

Lee Dorman of the '60s group Iron Butterfly died this week.
YouTube has a song with one of his characteristic bass lines, "Soul Experience." This is a fave of West Coast psychedelia, with heavy spring reverb and echo-delay.
Content-wise, it has one of the stranger disconnects between verses and chorus.
It's not hard to imagine the singer (Doug Ingle) being a Manson-type crooning to one of his women. In the verses he softly and sweetly tells her to "live a little" and "don't bother painting your face." Then in the chorus the music becomes atonal and weird and he starts wailing like a horror-movie psycho: "JUST BE YOURSELF" with everything about his intonation saying "Just follow me - and Charlie doesn't like snitches."
The song perfectly encapsulates the 1960s mix of groovy slogans and mind control.
Anyway, bittersweet tribute to a man who just passed away but this needed to be written down.