Periodically I check to see if the Mazemod internet radio site is still up -- it is.
The selection there of mod tracker tunes, especially in the "acid" category, is some of my favorite music in the world. These low-res samples triggered from a spreadsheet-like list of commands have a beguiling lighter-than-air speed and guileless one-thing-after-another specificity, if that makes any sense.
Today I enjoyed the following tracks: "Luminessi" by Vesuri, "Fast 96" and "Empathy, State of Mind" by LFO, "Morning After" by Raina, and "Underneathourhome" by Spot. Once something plays in the radio interface, though, it's hard to find it again. You can click back and forth through a sequence but once you reload it's a new sequence, and the selection seems bottomless.
I think most of these were done in the '90s but don't know for sure.