numbercult, "Generator"


...generative animation recorded in real-time [vimeo]

via dataisnature

Watch in fullscreen if possible. A slightly more pared-down, elegant version of '90s rave videos, where we gawked at a single pulsating machine from multiple POVs, with zooming, cropping, and rotation in precise sync with a techno score. Here lathed, exploded-view robotic cylinders spin like spitted birds on raster line rotisseries, toggling rapidly between horizontal and vertical orientations, as the soundtrack coughs out a melody of reverberated clicks and digi-beeps.

Other selections on the numbercult page recall the Hexagrama video complained about a while back, where a kind of false equivalency is suggested between music and visuals. "Generator" claims to do that somewhat ("a virtual machine that produce[s] music as its by product") but we can manage to enjoy it without looking and listening for clues to the shared structural foundations of all sensation. Whereas other compositions such as "Collision Music," seductive as it is, seem like self-proving hypotheses to illustrate such philosophical themes (dataisnature invokes Hesse's Glass Bead Game in discussing it). It's obvious that a computer program employs the same temporal triggers to make an image change color and a sound go bleep but at some point a human, arbitrary decision was made of what variables to employ in the respective spectra. There is no actual translation between "blue" and "boing."

"Grow a Brain 2 (2013 Remix)"

"Grow a Brain 2 (2013 Remix)" [mp3 removed -- this track is now on Bandcamp]

A short drum and bassy track from '07 got an overhaul: tweaks to the bassline and some piano chords over the top. There is a story arc, too: the chords get prettier as the bass becomes more manic.

Update, Mar. '13: Reposted - forgot to add the metadata.