Mac SE remixes on "Reuse Aloud"


The remixes and reinterpretations by Earcon (aka John Parker) of my Macintosh SE songs from the '80s and beyond will be featured on a UK internet radio series* during the month of March.

The series is Reuse Aloud, the site is, and here is their page about our collaborations. Other artists include DJ Danger Mouse, DJ Food, the Polish Ambassador, Diplo, and many more.

*Will post an update with dates/times. Am not certain what is meant by's statement that "on [March 1] 2013 we will take over the radio. For one month we will broadcast across the airwaves." That suggests open-air transmission but I'm not finding any call letters or AM or FM frequency for the station. I think the way it works is our music will be played at selected times on the monthly schedule of "Reuse Aloud" internet radio shows and then will be featured in a marathon performed in a gallery setting. More when I know.

Update: A weekly schedule is up and our tunes will be played:
Monday Mar 4, 2:32 - 2:57 PM (US East coast time)
Thursday Mar 7, 8:20 - 8:48 PM (US East coast time)

Update 2:
Mar 19 12:04 - 12:33 PM (US East coast time)
Mar 29-30 Broadcast Marathon - closing event for the exhibit will include GIFs and video made by John Parker and me collaboratively.

guardians of 1993

The art world has been stuck in 1993 since 1993 so what we really need is a New Museum show called 1993, featuring art fair mainstays such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Felix Gonzales-Torres, and Jason Rhoades. Morgan Meis describes the essential uselessness of the concept (although it appears his review is positive):

The perfect thing about 1993 is that it has no special significance. In the grand scope of history, 1993 means nothing.

The non-essential nature of the year 1993 is what makes it the proper subject for a time capsule.

Didn't really want to go to this and an attempt yesterday fell flat. The friend I was with tried to get in with a left-at-home press pass but the ticket desk person (who kept us waiting several minutes while conducting some important-sounding business on the phone -- didn't even look up to say "be with you in a minute") wasn't having it: "I need to see your press pass." My friend said he had some older passes in his wallet but was told they must have a date showing that the pass was current as of this year. Relational aesthetics in action: (i) negotiation (ii) followed by unconsummated artistic experience. So very 1993. Will probably try again later.