guardians of 1993

The art world has been stuck in 1993 since 1993 so what we really need is a New Museum show called 1993, featuring art fair mainstays such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Felix Gonzales-Torres, and Jason Rhoades. Morgan Meis describes the essential uselessness of the concept (although it appears his review is positive):

The perfect thing about 1993 is that it has no special significance. In the grand scope of history, 1993 means nothing.

The non-essential nature of the year 1993 is what makes it the proper subject for a time capsule.

Didn't really want to go to this and an attempt yesterday fell flat. The friend I was with tried to get in with a left-at-home press pass but the ticket desk person (who kept us waiting several minutes while conducting some important-sounding business on the phone -- didn't even look up to say "be with you in a minute") wasn't having it: "I need to see your press pass." My friend said he had some older passes in his wallet but was told they must have a date showing that the pass was current as of this year. Relational aesthetics in action: (i) negotiation (ii) followed by unconsummated artistic experience. So very 1993. Will probably try again later.