net art vs real art


hat tip anonymous (wigs)

Since we don't know what net art is (anything made by an artist profiled on anything made by a media arts professor?) and are still debating what real art even is (any expression that can be described in a wall label?) it's not immediately clear why a "net artist" would freak out in a given scenario. (Obviously we haven't investigated the background of this high-five.)
Someone accustomed to validation of online expressions by means of likes or the approval of "art and technology" websites is confronted with a new set of problems when attempting to exhibit in a white box-style validation-of-expression. Posting a web page and getting 59 likes from your fellow artist-curators is a low threshold of commitment compared to sending out invites and making 100+ people travel by car or subway to a room where their expectations of being entertained/mindblown are proportionate to the hassles of getting there. And where you have to see them in the flesh and know what their reactions are from body language. Is this cause for "freaking the fuck out"? Maybe. Practice helps.