"Rack Dance 3 (Atonal Variations)" [demo]


"Rack Dance 3 (Atonal Variations)" [mp3 removed]

This is a bit noodly for my taste but some of the tunes are stuck in my head and I have to deal with that. It's not really all that atonal but I'm calling it a [demo] rather than a piece due to a heavier-than-usual machine agency.
After those disclaimers: I kept the settings for the four modular synth patches in "Rack Dance 3" and then played the MIDI-to-cv notes that triggered them, this time using the above module's "polyphony" and "monophonic 2" modes (the toggle switch at the bottom left).
"Polyphony" as they define it means four notes played simultaneously on a single MIDI channel are stacked as a chord until one ends, then it's assigned to the first available CV out. This adds a random element distributing notes to different patches than they were originally written to play. It's not completely random, though, there is a logic to it. Polyphony uses 1-2-3-4 distribution and M2 uses 1-2 / 3-4. In this four minute piece I'm switching from M1 to M2 to Poly while the sequencer is playing. This method results in a lot of outright unlistenable trash. Originally I had 14 minutes of playing and edited it down to four.