body snatcher type scenario

Humorless pink-shirted associate at T-Mobile: "How can I help you today?"
Rebellious sage: "I need some minutes for my phone."
Hpsaatm: "OK. Hmmm, whoops. I was going to help you using this tablet but there's no signal. Can you come with me over to the desk?"
Rs: "Yeah, those tablets are a really bad idea."
Hpsaatm: [Blank look with a hint of condescension]

a beat

Hpsaatm: "OK, the desk computer's up. What's the phone number?"
Rs: [Gives number]
Hpsaatm: "There's no name showing here."
Rs: "Right, it's one of those burner type deals."
Hpsaatm: "That's fine, I don't need the name. But we do recommend for your safety and security that you give us a name."
Rs: "Just out of curiosity, what could happen?"
Hpsaatm: "Someone could claim their phone was stolen and use your number if they had it."
Rs: "I've had the number for years and that's never happened -- I'll take the risk. In fact [feels a rant coming on] this is one of the last services where you don't have to give your name, and that's great. I assume it's because T-Mobile is a German company."
Hpsaatm: "Not anymore, it just became an American company."
Rs: "Well then, guess what -- the policy will change. This time next year you'll ask my name, address and Facebook."
Hpsaatm: "We just ask your name, that's all. Your reasons for not giving it are your business."