"Clouds 21" (Jules Laplace), "Clouds Remix," "Fog Computing"

Have been working on some collaborations with Jules Laplace. His original song, "Clouds 21," is below. Taking the mixes in reverse order:

"Fog Computing" [4.2 MB .mp3]
A MIDI file of Laplace's "clouds21" was played in Winamp and a few "general MIDI piano" notes were sampled. "Fog Computing" is made with those samples using the Doepfer A-112 8-bit sampler module and the Octatrack for sequencing. Some of the patterns were re-arranged and remixed in Cubase and imported back into the Octatrack.
It's uber-noisy and dirty. Both the wavetable and sampler functions of the A-112 were used. The really dense static-y sound is the sampler playing the notes very slowly.
Thing I learned: how to reduce an LFO signal to swing between 1 and -1 volts to modulate the wavetable: this adds Hammond-like grit to the sound.

Tom Moody and Jules and Laplace, "Clouds Remix" [4.1 MB .mp3]
Some of the gritty patterns also used in "Fog," but playing in conjunction with the march-like MIDI piano version of Laplace's tune below. This isn't the same Winamp piano as above -- it's a sampled concert grand, but "played" with very little nuance.

Jules Laplace, "clouds21" [6.2 MB .mp3]
I maximized the volume to CD level. A diaphanous, faintly Kirk Degiorgio-esque synth confection, very nice, that can in no way be blamed for what came later.