"Fidgety Twister"

"Fidgety Twister" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Am continuing to play with the Octatrack's slicing tools as a way of rearranging notes. You can do this in Cubase but it's a pain, cutting and pasting and dragging files around with a mouse. The Octatrack is designed so you can get in and move notes around and change pitches and sample rates with buttons and knobs and it's faster. Probably about the same as an Ableton control surface but I've avoided Ableton as not "classical" enough.

What's time-consuming is the writing. Each bar is tweaked so it's not just a numbing sequencer grind. An added note here, a pause there, a slight delay, a backwards riff...

The raw material came from "Rack Dance 3 (Atonal Variations)" -- I guess I tried to make it more tonal. Also bulked up with added bass lines and familiar jaunty breakbeats.