"Texas Sawtooth Massacre"

"Texas Sawtooth Massacre" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

Sounds from the computer_controlled_rack (the name I gave my modular on the Modular Grid gear fetish website), MIDI-triggered, sampled, and arranged in the Octatrack. The main excitement here is a gritty wavetable sample originating in the WMD Gamma Wave Source module, sampled by the Doepfer A-112 in wavetable mode (with CV-sweeping of the table at my barbaric skill level), played as a MIDI controlled synth (with hi, lo and notch filters), sampled in the Octatrack, "sliced" and rearranged to make 10 or so patterns. There is also a bass line and the reappearance of the most famous beat in the history of electronic music. This is kind of rough going at the outset but gets better as it progresses IMHO.

"Ambient Chord"

"Ambient Chord" [mp3 removed]

Sounds generated by the computer_controlled_rack, but with no MIDI or cv guidance: it's just LFOs and envelopes triggering and shaping sounds.
The chord is three oscillators tuned to A above middle C, __ and __ (a few semitones on either side of A, I truly don't care what emotional values some idiot has assigned this chord).
A cascading envelope array triggers the notes and filtering residue lingering after the notes have sounded. The notes are played in real time, but were also 8-bit sampled, slowed down, and looped to make the repeating tonal figure that runs throughout. Some filtered scratch sounds also loop in the background. The speeding up of the chord at the halfway point is accomplished by increasing the LFO frequency gating the envelope-cascade (turning a knob, in other words).

self-bombing then and now

Addendum to the previous post's implied link of 9/11 truth and Peal Harbor truth: here is the brief from the left on whether the US provoked Japan for a casus belli. Usually this assertion comes from FDR-haters on the right but a digger into classified Navy documents thinks we did it and did it for good cause: fighting Hitler at a time when most of the US citizenry opposed European intervention. Causing the deaths of 2500 Americans and then lying about it would be pretty dastardly but we're supposed to take the long view, or global view, of what the war accomplished.
As for American "isolationism," given what we now know about ties between the US financial sector and German industrialists in the run-up to WWII, the true paranoid has to ask how much of that "stay out of Europe" sentiment was also manipulated.