"Ambient Chord"

"Ambient Chord" [mp3 removed]

Sounds generated by the computer_controlled_rack, but with no MIDI or cv guidance: it's just LFOs and envelopes triggering and shaping sounds.
The chord is three oscillators tuned to A above middle C, __ and __ (a few semitones on either side of A, I truly don't care what emotional values some idiot has assigned this chord).
A cascading envelope array triggers the notes and filtering residue lingering after the notes have sounded. The notes are played in real time, but were also 8-bit sampled, slowed down, and looped to make the repeating tonal figure that runs throughout. Some filtered scratch sounds also loop in the background. The speeding up of the chord at the halfway point is accomplished by increasing the LFO frequency gating the envelope-cascade (turning a knob, in other words).