Mermaid Intern

Recommended: "Mermaid Intern," a video short by Julio Torres and Lena Einbinder [YouTube]
This deadpan comedy, floating between conventional SNL-type skit and performance art, explores the plight of the creative soul in the modern office environment. Einbinder's earnest fin-footed Seapunk finds herself "trapped in a world she never made," as Steve Gerber once wrote about Howard the Duck.

"Two Rhythms"

"Two Rhythms" [mp3 removed -- tune is now on Bandcamp]

This started out as two different beats, each in its own section, made using a delay that Native Instruments no longer offers (Spektral Delay), ported in from an older PC in real time as an external hardware effect (note: about 150 ms of latency).
Then I cut it into loops, moved it to the Octatrack, and added older (Reaktor Titan) synth riffs sliced into new patterns. Went a little overboard with the "loop" function where a single note repeats in a stutter but have never done anything quite like this, ultimately.