New tunes and Bandcamp page

My song output for November and December (minus a couple I haven't posted yet) is now available for streaming or purchase (!) on Bandcamp.
The LP is called Silent and Spectral.
If you've been a reader/RSS follower this is a way to support the blog without me having to do annoying fundraisers. Obviously if you're here for visual art rants and have only been politely tolerating the constant music posts over the years, this isn't for you. I'm working on a way to dun you -- perhaps economy-model Epson prints on Etsy.
Bandcamp is pretty low key: it's essentially a host with payment features that are easier to set up than having to run it here myself. They take 15%, and expect artistes to do their own promotion.
It may turn out to be the classic incredible journey scenario where a startup is bought by a big obnoxious company but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it.

The music has gelled for me recently such that it was easy to pick 10 tunes that "went together." Am using tags to describe it to unsuspecting newcomers: "16-bit electronic classical electro modular synth sampler New York"

Have been gradually removing older mp3s I've posted, earliest first, so am now up to September 2006. (Meaning, most tunes from 2004-2006 are gone.)
Will probably continue to post songs here that don't lend themselves to LP-clumping, and will keep blogging about studio miscellany. Otherwise I'm behind the stream/paywall. Until I'm not.
Please help me make this a success of the micropayment model.

(Designwise I obviously put a lot of thought into the bandcamp page. The truncated logo is just a placeholder while I think of something better.)