from the vault: hug emoticon pyramid (2003)


This was originally a "found HTML" piece that I posted to my Digital Media Tree blog in 2003.
The sideways pyramid design was copied more or less intact from the then-front page of Deviantart user Chiyoko. It reminded me of Sol LeWitt, except, slightly better. The image above is a GIF made from a screencapture of the GIFs in my post.

miracle jones e-book update

A post a few weeks ago stated that Miracle Jones' novels Sharing and Shifting were available as free e-books. Shortly thereafter, the books were de-published (as in, taken down) and several people asked "What's up with that?"
It appears the first book, Sharing, will be available again in January 2015 from Instar Books, according to this catalog.

Instar's blurb has more up-to-date literary references than mine (Mieville and Morrison, not Dickens):

In the dead of night, six children are abducted from an orphanage by a fantastical flying creature -- one that appears to the children as a white unicorn whose horn has been replaced with a long black blade -- who brings them to a strange, seething desert that contains only a cathedral, a diner, and hypnotically shifting trees. There, they must learn to understand one another, or they must die.
Combining the hypermodern, surreal visions of China Mieville and Grant Morrison and the storytelling charge of Charles Dickens himself, Sharing -- the first installment in The Fold, the forthcoming seven-volume slipstream masterwork from underground legend Miracle Jones -- tells the story of what those children do there, whom they meet, and how -- and if -- they escape.