phone story

Was on Church Street near the WTC around 10 pm last night. A young-ish man (to old to be a "kid" but let's call him that) was randomly walking alongside me, talking loudly into his phone.
"They're gonna buttfuck you," he said. "And they're not going to use Vaseline. And I think you know that is gonna hurt."
I was trying not to listen but it just kept going.
"Wait a minute," the kid said to whoever he was talking to, "are you taking a shit right now? You are -- I can tell. Are you? C'mon, you gotta tell me. You are! Ha ha ha, I knew it, man! Ha ha!"
I fantasized about knocking the phone out of his hand and stepping on it.

work in process

michael manning's breakthrough


He annoyed the haters by insufficiently respecting left wing pieties on twitter. Then his enlarged, smeary tablet art attracted painting collector interest. The haters went into high gear. Here is a graphic representation of his pale male fist bustin' through...
(Actually the background isn't a Manning but a facsimile by DoritoWitch, who was planning to layer it with the logo of a well-known investment bank. He dumped this marshmallow fist over it, it was screencaptured, and the rest is hater history.)
I posted this to be irritating after someone was connecting Manning's non sequitur contribution to the AFC "swag" discussion -- as in, they thought it was foolish for him to point out that Shakespeare used the term "swag" in Midsummer Night's Dream -- to his current market success, or appearance of success, which has led AFC and others to diss the work without seeing it. This particular moment needed an emblem, so here it is.

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