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cable shouter chris matthews imagined his own head being lopped off and began baying for war -- others also imagined that: his, not theirs

radical group of adult-onset diabetes sufferers "takes out" the inventor of honey mustard

we tortured some folks - no big deal - in hell

spring, and the gentrifier next door is back at work on his flagstone patio ergonomic hot tub tiki grill combo whatever #noise

fetus one direction is not about training the unborn to vote for the right (something i learned from my involuntary "trends" sidebar)

if you're going to write about the Whitney's need to show net art it might be best not to mention brad troemel or the jogging

one who truly hated post-internet art would never write about it ["net art acceptable to galleries" is how i'd define it and leave it there]

years ago a friend with an MFA who was also a programmer explained that hacker aesthetics came down to "is it cool" or "is it shit"

"animal rescue person found with a house full of decomposing pet bodies" is essentially the neocon plan for the middle east