untweeted thoughts on ed halter's artforum paean to guthrie lonergan

"In Search Of: Ed Halter on the Art of Guthrie Lonergan" (before it goes behind the paywall)

"...it may be the case that your interpretation of the work is entirely wrong but conceivably so influential as to color the way the work is seen even by succeeding generations, so that you may in fact both be the one to recognize an artwork's importance and the person responsible for consigning it to infinite misreading." - jeremy gilbert-rolfe (had to shorten that one -- the key word here is not so much "influential" as "wrong")

@edhalter's mind still lives in 2006 while his body is imprisoned in mall-like social media, streaming TV and apps

cory arcangel's declaration of guthrie lonergan as "our bruce nauman" touched off several pages of explaining 2006

"our bruce nauman" became a fixture of the biennale circuit -- he didn't decide at 30 that he didn't know what to do

"hacking vs defaults" ceased being relevant when all the "hackers" moved to facebook

halter and his editors may not be aware that the phrase "mere artmaking" would get you decked at the Cedar Bar

it's not enough to merely make art you have to be a jaron lanier-like pundit noting how the internet is changing culture

one way to settle a whole raft of arguments you are a party to is to convince someone to let you write an artforum cover story

some context on "defaults" 1 / 2

Lonergan's "defaults" riff intrigued when it was about software and its influence on how artists (and others) "present" in the post-gallery world. It's perhaps less interesting as a buzzword for every trope, habit, and convention of the modern era, which is the spin Halter continues to put on it. Let's not talk about art, let's talk about culture and society, realms where we are more comfortable.