colorful-sounding hick thanksgiving recipes (map)

Ugh, yes, well, the New York Times (which is using house-brand URL shorteners for its permalinks now) but honestly, look at this article. Do you believe a word of this? It's like the old Saul Steinberg "view from 10th Ave" New Yorker cover, only with food. The Times-men look West and see what the rubes out there eat on Thanksgiving -- but it's scientific! it's based on actual Google searches! So, yeah, "frog eye salad," "snicker salad," and "pig pickin cake" were the number one searches for Thanksgiving recipes other than turkey in Idaho, Nebraska, and North Carolina, respectively, for example.
The giveaway that it's just patronizing fun at the expense of yokels is the entry for Texas: "sopapilla cheesecake." That may be demographically brilliant but Texas is still 70% anglo and the anglos don't eat sopapilla cheesecake on Thanksgiving. They just don't.
When there is no news fit to print, make it up.