Google embraces high tech animation format


This terrible GIF comes from the omnipresently self-appreciating Google search page. You might have to look at it a couple of times to realize it's not a chimney but some kind of ballot box-thing -- as in, it's election day, look at our clever depiction. (But why is it spinning, mommy?)

But notice I said GIF -- it's not HTML5 canvas whatever, which was touted a few years ago as Google's next level surpassing of cruddy old GIFs.
One blogger received a sound hazing by some of Paddy Johnson's supposedly tech-savvy commenters for suggesting that a GIF was just as good and maybe better for what Google was trying to do on the search page.
So this is kind of a nyah-nyah I told you so to those geniuses. Google bit the bullet and went back to GIFs. Let's say that again...

hat tip Dadayumn

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