random meaningless tumblr art


OK it's not truly meaningless, was just clickbaiting. Visually it's kind of intriguing. Graffiti-oid comic book surrealist panels on canvas, hanging on walls with softly sprayed graffiti-oid floor-to-ceiling imagery that somewhat mimics the panels, but with less tonal range.
It's meaningless because there is no context or explanation. Who? Where? When? Why? How? What did eyewitnesses say? If you were standing in this room would the art be good or would it "thin out"?
The pic appeared on Stephanie C. Davidson's Rising Tensions tumblr, always trenchant/entertaining.
She reblogged it about midway along the chain of 83 notes (currently). That chain originated with a post of the pic on Vacations and Tennis, a tumblr of eyegrabbing images with no captions or explanations -- one person's taste (presumably) in random interesting stuff.
The post is captioned "60197762097" and the pic is captioned "http://41.media.tumblr.com/cac61d3a2537603294bb49b7b415127b/tumblr_msk2q5Qapr1qaukwao1_1280.jpg" -- thank you David Karp for the ultimate lazy naming scheme.
The true so-called shitpic is not images blurred out by repeated instagram captures, it's a pic that exists in a void of senseless regurgitation. Lot of baggage to heap on one moderately compelling image but it must be said.
It's always possible someone will recognize the pic and email to say, "that's _______, of course, how could you not know that?" That would be documentation after the fact, completely justifying the anonymous cool-hunting.

Update: The "how could you not know that" reply took about 5 minutes. A few people noted that I could have just reverse image searched it in Google. Bamboo found the source page. Right, yes, since we live in a world of algorithmic visual intelligence the "caption" and "the art review" are probably useless backup (as long as the algorithms function). The superfluous art review for this project: "the work does not improve with increased number or clarity of documentation jpegs."

Update 2: Apparently the Goog's visual search algos have improved since a previous attempt to use them -- yes it's been that long.

deep thought


But without freedom of expression how would we know about people who... oh never mind.

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