firefox again

Lauren Weinstein, When Mozilla's Fanatics Make Us All Look Bad

Have noted this attitude problem of the Mozilla developers -- looks like these egomaniacs are on the verge of driving Firefox and a large chunk of the web off a cliff over the https thing. Weinstein writes:

What they're discussing for Firefox is turning off unencrypted http support. You're not able to run encrypted https? Too bad, Firefox users won't be able to access your sites. Or perhaps for a while they'll just get a big red warning telling would-be visitors that you're subhuman slime who just doesn't care about security.

Plus -- you guessed it -- it seems that they'd like to make this an Internet standard so you'd effectively have no escape regardless of which browser was in use.

Meanwhile Firefox continues to worsen with each accelerated update. For example, I can't page back in my log now without getting browser windows of blank space from never-loading images -- this starts happening about 5-10 pages back -- the buggy behavior appeared with FF version 37. Mozilla's Seamonkey browser isn't affected by this contagion. Am contemplating my future as an Opera user.