proto-"post internet definition" art

In this recent interview I said that Nasty Nets wasn't concerned with gallery display issues (what is now being called -- ugh -- post internet) but forgot my own post on "gallery hardware."
The link was to a blog discussion at about a gallery-friendly brand of computer (which is quaint but still needed as most GIF display alternatives are so crappy) and what I was calling digital non-sites. This is all "post internet" by any current flaky definition of the term.
Continuing this theme of astonishing clairvoyance, I also had a post in 2006, "Showing new media work in the gallery": what's at stake." This was reblogged by Eyebeam and pronounced "self indulgent but useful," or words to that effect.
For that matter, this three part interview that Paddy Johnson did with Michael Bell-Smith and me, titled "Geeks in the Gallery," deals with some of these same issues.