rene abythe on hacking vs defaults

Taking a second, up-to-date look at Guthrie Lonergan's 2006 Hacking vs Defaults chart (screenshotted in the previous post), Rene Abythe notes that these days tumblr will let you pick a preset style theme that resembles the chart's example of 'hacking':


Abythe also says:

This reminds me of something I thought about when I first saw Petra Cortright's work, that she fell into a category that I considered "hacking defaults" e.g. using the preset settings in everyday software to make something that appeared to be the result of "hacking'" (which is a testament to her creative talent). On the flipside, what is commonplace on the web today is "default hacking" ... a person who solely relies on glitch software presets, themes, etc to do all the tedious investigative hacker work for you: the end result becomes practically what once was [Lonergan's] "12 point times new roman."

Good points. Here's one of those Cortrights; as I recall she did these pixel by pixel in MSPaint:


And for an example of effortless "cartridge hacking," here's a bearded celebrity, run through ImageGlitcher: