Nike's ad agency "just does it" to Rhizome (part 2)

Four years ago did a site re-design and kept me busy tracking all the broken links from my blog. I lack the heart to go through that again for their latest gratuitous re-do.

This time the links are crashing my browser (Firefox on Linux Mint and Windows 7). My current plan is to only visit Rhizome using the Wayback Machine, to find links to old content that is now unreadable due to formatting errors, and to try to rebuild my profile with all the comments that have become de-linked from it.

Judging from what I heard on and elsewhere, many artists were shocked when they visited their profiles after the redo. I sort of felt like crying.

Fortunately Nasty Nets can still be found if you have an existing link. But it doesn't come up when you search the Artbase.