"Day Sleeper"

"Day Sleeper" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Some new sounds in my usual four-bar cuisinart: a Linux instrument called Aeolus ("a synthesized [i.e. not sampled] pipe organ emulator") and an actual live violin sample by Trev Wignall, part of a sound pack for the Qu-Bit Nebulae Eurorack granular sampler. I'm transposing it and I don't know what else in the Nebulae; haven't given a close enough listen to the original clips yet. :(
The final mix of "Day Sleeper" was done in Ableton, which I've been using because it has better handling of the Expert Sleepers modular hardware and software (also used on this track). Expert Sleepers routing in Cubase was a constant... struggle. Even in Ableton it's a puzzle wrapped in a riddle. Basically the designer understands how it works but spreads "the small picture" across dozens of videos, manuals, and forums. Have been working on a series of notes on "Expert Sleepers for Ableton," which is mainly to keep all the tracks and channels straight in my head. At the end of the day being able to control a modular synth with control voltages coming directly from a PC's sound card is kind of nerdy rush, so am not begrudging the effort.