which OS is the future

Speaking of the Expert Sleepers plugins and hardware, here's an amusing forum exchange about which computer operating system is "the future":

hems: Not having a linux version [of Expert Sleepers] is a real deal breaker. Product manufacturers like ES and cycling74 must start thinking about the future (linux), and not only the present (osx) and the past (windows).

A couple of responses to hems:

bsmith: I dunno, I'm still pretty nervous about the y2k bug around the corner. Just got back from seeing sixth sense at the movies - that M. Night Shyamalan and his clever plot twists, I tell ya...

And (a bit more substantively):

Waz: Windows is definitely not "the past". I would say apple's recent decisions both in design and software will cause it some major headaches and put it into that category. I've been running solely in a linux environment for 3 years and in dual boot for well over a decade. Recently, I had to install windows 10 to use Ableton. W10 is pretty solid, well designed, and stable. I easily have way less headaches than in the linux environment. Things just work when you plug them in. No editing config files and installing binaries/packages from all over the internet. With that said, I still use Linux for my day to day stuff, but it has a LOOOONG way to go if it wants to compete with W10, or OSX in the general population. For music people especially, JACK is a fucking nightmare to work with. For power-users, multi-desktop monitor support is just terrible. This is in an age when the general population is starting to use multi-monitor systems for work and play. For gamers, Linux is another nightmare. I have over 200 linux games in my steam library. I think 40 or 50 work properly. The other 150 need some pretty heavy editing of config files due to my multi-monitor setup. Not to mention the headaches that come from developers who abandon their linux ports. General end-users don't want to run scripts, edit configs, search for dependencies, and work in the command line.