"Blooming Union (Wavetable Variations)"

"Blooming Union (Wavetable Variations)" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Speaking of the A-112, it was used throughout this tune; specifically, the sound source is the "Wiard waves," which I was finally able to transfer to the module.
The beginning section is in a non-4/4 time signature; I used an Ableton "groove map" to keep the beats in some semblance of sync with the A-112.
Some bass and synth lines were recycled from "Blooming Union" because I wasn't tired of them yet and that piece is only two minutes long.

Update, June 7, 2016: Revised and reposted. Sped up the tempo (after the intro), added bass lines, and made the beats more 4/4-ish.