new life for an A-112


This Eurorack module (shown in a bed of eBay carpet), dates back to the late '90s and is still in production. It has two, count'em, two, sample slots. Each slot holds either (i) a 2 second-long 8-bit wav file (that plays as audio), or (ii) a 65536-bytes-long wavetable, holding 256 "single cycle" waveforms of 256 samples each (that act as a synth oscillator when the device is in "wavetable mode"). You can get a sound into a slot by recording it as audio, where it can be played back at different speeds, reversed, used as delay, etc. It can also be played (grungily) in wavetable mode. Theoretically you can also "dump" samples as sys-ex (MIDI) data to and from the device. The original Doepfer MIDI dump software no longer works on most present day computers. Fortunately, talented volunteers have emerged who have written programs that not only dump but allow you to generate or assemble waveforms for transmission to the module. Posts such as this one led me to an obsessive collection of hundreds of single cycle waveforms by Adventure Kid, which can now be used in the A-112 (there is also an Octatrack-friendly collection of the waveforms.)