you thought green meant good

Supporters of returning the Clinton family to power, faced with their candidates' abundant negatives, have opted to ratchet up the fear rhetoric. Consider this bizarre warning to "millennials" from Informed Comment:

You need to vote for Hillary Clinton or you may die in a fiery apocalypse that will make the plot of The Walking Dead seem like a story you tell to small children to comfort them and help them fall asleep.

Vote for the Walking Dead so The Walking Dead doesn't become possible, or something like that. Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton's justification for her Iraq War vote.

The Clintons' recent Russia-baiting might actually offer a more plausible road to Apocalypseville than electing a loudmouth Washington newbie. As Hillary demonstrated in Libya, she has practical experience in reducing countries to a smoking ruin. Yet Informed Comment isn't talking about a protest vote for Trump here, but a conscience vote for the Greens or Libertarians. The Clinton apologists insist that voting against the corrupt two party system is "throwing away your vote." They want you to vote for the Clintons and then go quietly vomit somewhere.