Carl Beijer notes that the increasing use of "alt-right" to mean "any right wing fringe groups" legitimates claims that there must be a corresponding alt-left that is somehow associated with Clinton and the Democrats and is similarly fringe-y. Am not sure why that matters but Beijer links to a Counterpunch "history of alt-right" that's worth a read. I assumed a-r referred to internet savvy frat boys pissed about Obama but according to Counterpunch it's an intellectual movement that somehow grew out of paleoconservatism (Pat Buchanan/Taki/Anti-Interventionism) but with a more overtly racist component. Oddly, this group doesn't place white people at the top of the racial spectrum but apparently thinks "semites" rank higher -- the better to manipulate the rest of us, you know. East Asians also rate higher, possibly because the frat boys witness them doing better in school. Anyway, good for a wallow in half-baked theory.