"Short Ant March"

"Short Ant March" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

The MIDI looping bug was fixed in Ardour (the DAW I'm using on a Linux PC) so I fired up a couple of its plugin synths for this tune. The somewhat placeholder-ish melodies are multitracked over DAW-sync'd rhythms from modular hardware (specifically Qu-Bit Nebulae processed through Z-DSP's Clocked Delays cartridge). Kicks and hats, recorded from Ableton running on Windows, are layered in on separate tracks. The samples in the Nebulae are from an ex-NI Battery kit called "Digital Processing," which basically consists of short glitchy noise bursts. Composing beats for them in a Eurorack sequencer was fun.

Update: Reduced gain slightly, reposted.