the russkies again

Lambert Strether annotated this tweet by the president of CAP (the Clinton-supporting Center for American Progress):


A few people have posted links to "expert" opinions that the Russians hacked the DNC. This is exceedingly hard to prove but who cares anyway? If you start talking about Russians at this stage of the American election we know who you are voting for. Poking a stick at the Russian bear -- smart campaign tactic! (Did you know they have nukes?)

Update: This Tanden person is a loose cannon who is rumored to be in line for a Clinton administration top job. Yikes.

Update, December 3, 2020: The "loose cannon" link above went dead so it's been switched to the Internet Archive version.

hillary clinton mean nicknames (updated)

This post from mid-June has been updated so here it is again. As the election nears good liberals are supposed to put aside their criticisms of the candidate, unless the candidate has this many good nicknames, and is crooked.

1. Hellery or Hitlery
...frequently used by left-leaning bloggers, ironically appropriating rightwingers who fear the Clintons for different reasons

2. Imelda Clinton
...via naked capitalism commenter "polecat"

What’s to say, after the presumed anointment of Imelda Clinton, that she doesn’t start to escalate the Ukraine clusterfuck to 11 on the dial, so as to direct scrutiny elsewhere, ... igniting the big one ??

duck n cover-----------

3. Crooked Hillary
...Trump's name for her on Twitter -- say what you will about him, he's not wrong

4. Queen of Chaos
...Pepe Escobar

5. Killary
...from roadrider. Seems harsh but Killary did say "we came, we saw, he died"

6. Hillary Clanton
...extrapolating from naked capitalism commenter JTMcPhee's reference to the "Clanton Campaign Machine." Does this make the Trump family the Earps?

[Ongoing updates]

Update, one year after the election:

7. Hildabeest
...from Jim Haygood, as in:

Quite simply, this [Uranium One scandal] is our last best chance to take down the Hildabeest and lock her up. :-)

"Tiny Synth Trio"

"Tiny Synth Trio" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

A little chamber-ish piece. Two synth voices were triggered by the Doepfer A-154/A-155 sequencer, hard panned left and right, and recorded in Linux Ardour. A third voice (panned center) is the Calf Monosynth, playing on a MIDI track in Ardour.
One of the hardware synth voices is the Pittsburgh filter in oscillator mode, with a uLFO square wave used as modulation through the filter's "Q" cv input. The pitch is controlled from the uLFO and the filter knobs are used to tweak the timbre.
The other hardware synth voice is the Doepfer A-112 sampler playing piano and single-cycle waves.