"Music Box Raver"

"Music Box Raver" [mp3 removed -- please listen on Bandcamp]

Flaunting my keyboard playing prowess (arpeggiator-assisted) with some tunes written for Kontakt's "music box" sample kit.
The synth sounds are (i) modular sequences using the "sample and hold" patch on the Doepfer A-155, (ii) riffs for the Adventure Kid single cycle wave forms in a Reaktor player created by Inspektor Gadjet, and (iii) Loomer Aspect, a Linux VST softsynth. Drums include E-Mu Orbit soundfonts and the NI Battery Digital Processing kit samples played in the Qu-Bit Nebulae. Recorded/arranged in Ardour (Linux version).

more on the clintons' "russian hacker" meme

For those lesser-evil voters spreading the talking point that, 25 years after the Cold War, Russians are once again hiding under our beds, poisoning our water, and influencing our elections, here's James Howard Kunstler:

The “tell” in these late stages of the campaign has been the demonization of Russia — a way more idiotic exercise than the McCarthyite Cold War hysteria of the early 1950s, since there is no longer any ideological conflict between us and all the evidence indicates that the current state of bad relations is America’s fault, in particular our sponsorship of the state failure in Ukraine and our avid deployment of NATO forces in war games on Russia’s border. Hillary has had the full force of the foreign affairs establishment behind her in this war-drum-banging effort, yet they have not been able to produce any evidence, for instance, in their claim that Russia is behind the Wikileaks hack of Hillary’s email. They apparently subscribe to the Joseph Goebbels theory of propoganda: if you’re going to lie, make sure it’s a whopper, and then repeat it incessantly.