palast on dore's show

Journalist Greg Palast has been a (largely ignored) obsessive on Republican election fraud, going back to the Bush vs Gore days and "purged felons." He's done extensive research on the Trump victory and says it follows the GOP pattern, this time with aggressive use of a dubious device known as "cross check," supposedly weeding out double voters but in fact eliminating voters with similar names. So, if the Orange One stole the election using these machinations, why don't the Democrats challenge it? asks Jimmy Dore on YouTube.

The Dore-Palast discussion is initially frustrating because it omits the DNC's dirty tricks against Sanders, concentrating solely on Republican schemes in the general election. In attempting to answer Dore's question, Palast notes that Al Gore went on to become a billionaire after his 2000 loss (let's assume that's true), and opines that if he'd challenged the system he wouldn't be invited to sit on boards -- he'd be "destroyed." Clinton isn't willing to say the Electoral College needs to be rethought, she thinks it's a great feature of our democracy, according to Palast.

Both Dore and Palast are baffled at all the energy the Washington media are putting into the Russia-stole-it narrative (which is palpable rubbish and a joke around the world) while ignoring the "Palast material" (again).