"The Curious"

"The Curious" [6 MB .mp3]

Heavy on the white noise with no softsynth "little melodies." Made with low-res synth beats, vocal samples, and semi-ambient noise triggered by a Eurorack (analog) sequencer, then recorded, timestretched, and further edited in Tracktion's Waveform DAW running on a Linux PC. Vocal samples include a gritty Streets of Rage soundbite (hat tip kiptok) and some random kid on my block (whose parents signed a release - jk).

Most of the audio comes from ADDAC Systems' Wav and Ultra Wav sample players, which handle beats with reasonable timing as well as random blorts triggered by cv inputs. Other Eurorack devices used are Doepfer's A-154/155 sequencer and VC-DSP effects module (for reverb and chorus). A "found" drum loop provides additional rhythm.