my show at Honey Ramka ends today

"Pre-Post-Internet," the exhibition, ends today. :-( Thanks to Honey Ramka for installing, displaying, and documenting the show -- it was a pleasure working with them. And thanks to the Frieze Teens group for visiting last week. (Photo via the gallery's Instagram hashtags #friezeteens, #tommoody, #prepostinternet)
That's Jesse Martin of Honey Ramka in the center of the photo. Some photos and commentary by Frieze Teens member weirdaesthete are below.


"Three Things They Taught Me"

streaming audio on Bandcamp

[embedded player removed]

Opening track of my new Bandcamp release, Layered Timeline Events. The track features samples from a youtube-famous sales motivational speaker.
LP notes:

"Layered timeline events" is a prosaic way of saying "songs," in the DAW world of ingrained software conventions (which I happen to like at the moment).

I'm also interested in a place where modular synth and PC music are indistinguishable. Typically I have no idea what was used to make what a few weeks after finishing a tune so I must be succeeding.

The LMMS workstation was used on a number of these tracks, hence the "street" version of its logo ( used in the cover graphic. Also employed were Carla, Tracktion's Waveform DAW, and a bunch of Eurorack investments, I mean, modules.

"Organleggers" is a Larry Niven term, especially appropriate in an era when the elite of Silicon Valley enjoys transfusions of youthful blood to stay alive.