"The Curious (Remixed)"

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Track from the LP Layered Timeline Events

Am already several songs into my next "release" and have been forgetting to "promote" this one. The scare quotes are due to the awkwardness of applying a capitalist frame to an amorphous art project/object (to use a Zappa term). The music could be a product of a hundred decisions based on the dictates of personal and artistic discipline (tonal or atonal? verse or chorus? percussion or found sound?) and not be useful in a commodity sense. Someone else might be able to slip it into a game or elevator but that's not why it was made.

This track was posted earlier in a slightly more ambient form but wasn't working in the context of an LP of fairly tightly-organized tunes so it was edited: whole passages were removed and ear-candy tunes added. The phrase "it's sure to bring out the curious and the kooky" is my line reading of a bit of Firesign Theatre dialog, from Everything You Know Is Wrong. The other human vocal is a field recording of a noisy neighborhood kid, considerably compressed, EQ'd and filtered.