"Half-Clocked (8 Bit Version)"

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Track from the LP Layered Timeline Events

This track uses a SID chip emulator from the LMMS workstation. The timbre is bit shrill and whiny so I tried to compensate with melodic variations. In case it's not obvious many of these tracks typically start with a sequence ABCDEFG, which can gets boring after one or two repetitions so it gets varied treatments such as ABCDEFH, ABCDEF, ABBDEFG, ABCDFFG, BACDEFF etc. (The letters don't correspond to actual notes in the scale, just how they are ordered.)

These runs have to be free of discordant notes so experimentation is involved. The level of composition is primitive but I'm surprised by the amount of "electronic" music that doesn't even do this much -- the composers just allow the same 8 notes to play while they fiddle around with timbral changes such as filter sweeps. I was admittedly guilty of this in the first few hundred songs I posted but part of "growth," I suppose, is being dissatisfied with your own output and going back to the proverbial drawing board over and over.