"Volt Variations"

https://tommoody.bandcamp.com/track/volt-variations (streaming version on bandcamp)

From my current release Similarity Engine


"Volt" is a strings-like preset from the E-Mu Orbit 9090 ROMpler module, a 1990s device. The presets are available as soundfont files. "Volt" consists of three samples stacked in a chord, which you can see when you open it up in PC-based sampler GUI. This tune uses those samples individually and together for the main melody and variations. Other sounds include some additional vintage synth from Legowelt's online sample archive, and a couple of snare hits appropriated from a famous Detroit guy and played in Tracktion Waveform's Multi Sampler instrument.

The screenshot of the Tracktion Waveform DAW tells you little or nothing -- that is to say, as much as the wave file images that Soundcloud uses. It's a crude "indexical" record of the music.