"We All Know" - notes

Production notes for "We All Know," from the Terra Organization LP:


full size screenshot of Tracktion Waveform page

1. RetroMod Fat (software Moog clone) -- two sections were rendered and then the track was muted. LFO modifier set to "noise" is moving the filter cutoff knob. (MIDI)
2. RM F rendering - Section 2
3. RM F rendering - Section 1
4. Multisampler instrument is playing a kit I made of Vermona DRM1 mk2 percussion samples. (MIDI)
5. Multisampler instrument is playing field recording of pygmy goat bleats. LFO modifier, set to sample and hold, is moving the pan setting. (MIDI)
6. Multisampler instrument is playing Legowelt sample "PAD-MistyFogShort" (MIDI)
7. Vocal snippets from frequently deplatformed YouTube performer "Charlie Williams" ("Keep playing your game, but we all know about the terror organization"; "You don't like me in this area"; "Thank you, sir.")
8. Sample of mod tracker beat
9. Sub-bass line played with Helm softsynth (MIDI)
10. Tune played with SocaLabs SID_64b softsynth - rendered, then muted (MIDI)
11. SID_64b rendering
12. Multisampler instrument is playing a Vermona Kick Lancet percussion sample, with delay. (MIDI)