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Life Aquatic (CD sketch)


"Original PNG" drawing from my Honey Ramka show, repurposed as a hypothetical CD cover. Bought these mini-cases, might as well put something in them.

cassette aesthetics, bandcamp marketing, etc

Searching Vitamin D (early '90s house DJ) led to his most recent project, Cold Busted records, and specifically a hiphop easy listening LP called Sailing, by Moroccan beatmeister saib.
I like the design and overall aesthetic of this (sold out) cassette:


Sailing is also available as a CD or streaming, and there's also (sold out) vinyl.

The song Tropics caught my ear and I streamed it a few times before triggering Bandcamp's annoying "Now is the time to open thy heart/wallet" notice. Sometimes that can be ignored but this time it was preventing further listening. No doubt this semi-dark pattern works as a sales technique, and some listeners may in fact open their wallets.
For my own account as an obscure Bandcamp artiste, I specified "unlimited streaming" with the theory that: I don't mind users getting repeat plays of a low-res mp3 -- it might take more than four plays for them to decide to invest in a FLAC! In any case, i don't want to turn them off with an annoying message that actually prevents them making an informed sales decision, ha ha.

"Piskow GoBox" - notes

Production notes for "Piskow GoBox," from the Terra Organization LP:


full size screenshot of Tracktion Waveform page

This track combines some of the settings and sound files from Premonition of Discord and an earlier percussion piece, Piskow Reassembly.
The Multisampler kit and its submix tracks assignments came from the former; some "mangled" versions of samples from 1970s jazz percussion, from the latter.
Tracks 2 and 3 are recordings of GoBox, a Reaktor groovebox playing on a Windows PC, captured and trimmed for this tune.