"Softsynth Comparison" - notes

Production notes for "Softsynth Comparison," from the Terra Organization LP:


Full size screenshot of Tracktion Waveform page. [Standard disclaimer: The Waveform DAW is used for editing and mixing on Ubuntu Studio; the tracks also incorporate sounds playing or triggered on other PCs and devices. This isn't a "score" so much as a form of notekeeping (I prefer these colored blocks, monotonous though they may be, to (a) the Soundcloud waveform with "this rocks"-level superimposed commentary or (b) YouTube demos showing dudes' hairy hands turning knobs.]

It's unfortunate to have to do forensics on stuff you produced six months ago (because you forgot how you did it). Am alienating internet visitors with these "notes" posts because going through this recollection process publicly seems to help nail down both the details and What It All Means. In this piece I was dredging up loops from earlier tunes using Waveform's internal file-browser, then mixing them with new loops made with various softsynths for this track. The earlier loops were so disguised here I didn't recognize them a few months later when I started working on this post.

1. ADDAC wav player module, with delay effects - trimmed and looped
2. "Resobeat" loop
3. Mutronix Mutator loop from Mutator Folly track
4. ADDAC wav player - kick drum
5. Helm softsynth - slap bass-sounding patch
6.-7. Plogue Chipsounds softsynth (chord/pad)
8. U-He Diva softsynth (chord/pad)
9.-11. ZynAddSubFX softsynth organ/keyboard riff - MIDI notes (muted after rendering) plus rendered tracks
12.-13. Multisampler playing percussion hits, MIDI and rendered tracks
14. Commercial (sample pack) snare loop