cassette aesthetics, bandcamp marketing, etc

Searching Vitamin D (early '90s house DJ) led to his most recent project, Cold Busted records, and specifically a hiphop easy listening LP called Sailing, by Moroccan beatmeister saib.
I like the design and overall aesthetic of this (sold out) cassette:


Sailing is also available as a CD or streaming, and there's also (sold out) vinyl.

The song Tropics caught my ear and I streamed it a few times before triggering Bandcamp's annoying "Now is the time to open thy heart/wallet" notice. Sometimes that can be ignored but this time it was preventing further listening. No doubt this semi-dark pattern works as a sales technique, and some listeners may in fact open their wallets.
For my own account as an obscure Bandcamp artiste, I specified "unlimited streaming" with the theory that: I don't mind users getting repeat plays of a low-res mp3 -- it might take more than four plays for them to decide to invest in a FLAC! In any case, i don't want to turn them off with an annoying message that actually prevents them making an informed sales decision, ha ha.