"iiscla," by disconnector

"iiscla" is a track from disconnector's new release, muitvl.

Thumbnail review: Trashcan-style beats with reverb; more electro than sample-driven, with some glitch and drill-n-bass elements. Full- and crisp-sounding production.


Funkstörung - "A Bottle, A Box And A Mic" [hooktube]

Phoenecia - "Suite D256" [youtube because for some reason the hooktube link was causing crimeflare to "check your browser"]

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diversity cartoons

Lately we've noticed a decline in the number of those poorly-drawn, schmaltzy "diversity" cartoons on the search page of Eric Schmidt's company, the ones showing an endless parade of cultural others inventing nuclear fusion and breaking world sports records. The problem wasn't the others but the hypocrisy or redwashing since the company is a surveillance Satan dominated by white (and Asian) males. Possibly even the redwashing has grown untenable, with NBC reporting that the company is scaling back its diversity and inclusion efforts. In any case, good riddance to those drawings (if they have in fact gone away).

Update, March 2021: It was too good to be true -- the bad fake diversity drawings have persisted.