ceo in the middle


We've made fun in the past of Cloudflare's useless man-in-the-middle pages.
The website "CloudFlare Watch" AKA Crimeflare sees something more sinister in Cloudflare's activities, such as protecting people from denial-of-service attacks by offering its services to shady actors who launch denial-of-service attacks. Crimeflare notes that Cloudflare's attorney-turned-CEO got his start in the "honeypot" business, which should make anyone's Spider sense tingle, post-Snowden.
At best, Cloudflare seems like one of those Silicon Valley bandwagons people jump on. In recent years Mozilla Firefox and Dreamhost both partnered with it (Firefox actually opts you into some dubious Cloudflare DNS-checker service, at least on Windows, which you have to go into settings to opt out of).

The graphic above is from the Crimeflare site -- someone sure doesn't like our brave new world of barely-examined major platforms.

Update: It's not just Crimeflare: the "controversy" section of Cloudflare's Wikipeedia, or rather, Wikipedia page is, let's just say, unusually long. Cloudflare's CEO supports freedom of speech, he says, but defines that elastically depending on who is screaming the loudest for a takedown.

(hat tip JR)